How to get the Midas skin in Fortnite

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Image via Epic Games

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Fortnite is known for having multiple iconic skins added into the game throughout the many chapters and seasons that occur. One of the more iconic skins was for Midas, a part of the Golden Ghost set. This skin originally appeared during the Chapter 2: Season 2 battle pass, with several variations on it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Midas skin in Fortnite.

Where can you get the Midas skin in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, outside of having acquired this specific character skin when it appeared during the Chapter 2: Season 2 battle pass, you won’t be able to unlock it in the future. Now, there could be variations of this skin appearing in Fortnite’s Item Shop, but battle pass skins usually do not make returns to the store. Instead, developers Epic Games prefer to keep the special skins that appear in battle passes as exclusive unlocks. Midas was the final battle pass reward for Season 2: Chapter 2, which meant players had to reach level 100 to unlock it.

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A similar Midas appearance showed up on the in-game store. For example, there was a Shadow Midas skin that became available on the Fortnite Item Store for 1,500 V Bucks during Chapter 2: Season 8 in 2021, and is considered to be a part of the ShadeChaser set. Although it has a similar overall appearance to the original Midas skin, these two are separate.

If another Midas-like skin appears in the Item Store, you can expect to pay a similar price for this. Again, it won’t be the exact one like the Midas that appeared during Chapter 2: Season 2 battle pass, but it will look similar.