How to get the Miw Miisv mount in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s a stable ride.

Image via Square Enix

The Miw Miisv mount is available in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a sizeable jellyfish-like creature that you can ride while exploring the world, and though it looks quite bouncy, it will be a suitable ride to reach any location. You will need to unlock it a specific way, though. This guide covers how to get the Miw Miisv mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find the Miw Miisv mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The only way to acquire the Miw Miisv is by completing Omicron tribe quests and earning 18 Omicron Omnitokens. You will stand in the middle of this mount, inside the creature, and lead it towards your next destination.

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The Omicron Omnitokens are earned by completing Omicron daily quests. You will need to meet a handful of requirements to progress through these quests, one of which requires you to reach level 80 with any Disciple of the Land profession. If you have not done this, you will be unable to start these quests, even if you meet all other requirements.

These daily quests will have you gathering unique materials that do not appear in your Gathering or Fishing log. Instead, they will appear in your Duty list, and you must acquire them while completing the specific quest. After you have all 18 Omicron Omnitokens, you can make your way to the Omicron Tribal vendor, which is available in Ultima Thule at coordinates (X:27.7, Y:24.7). The Miw Miisv will appear on the vendor. You can buy it using those tokens. There are several other items available on this vendor as well, such as the Lumini minion.