How to unlock Omicron tribe quests in Final Fantasy XIV

Get to the know the Omicrons.

The Omicron tribal quests have arrived in Final Fantasy XIV for the 6.25 patch. After installing this patch, you will have access to the Endwalker expansion; these quests will be available for you to access and progress through readily. However, before you can work on these quests, you will need to begin the process of unlocking them. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Omicron tribe quests in Final Fantasy XIV.

All quests required to unlock Omicron tribe quests in FFXIV

There is one core quest you will need to make sure you do before you can begin working on the Omicron tribe quests and another quest that starts your journey through them. The more critical one is called Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before, which you will need to complete to access The Stigma Dreamscape dungeon. You should be able to find this quest after completing the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest, completing this expansion. The Stigma Dreamscape is one of the level 90 quests that unlocks after completing the main game. The quest comes from Jammingway, who will give it to you in Old Sharlayan at coordinates (X:11, Y:13.8).

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With this quest out of the way and The Stigma Dreamscape unlocked, you can make your way over to Ultima Thule and speak with Jammingway again. You can find them at coordinates (X:25.4, Y:26.3), and they will have a quest called The Café at the End of the Universe available for you. Completing this quest unlocks access to the rest of the Omicron tribe quests available throughout Final Fantasy XIV, and you can now work through the daily quests for this group. You’ll want to work through these quests to unlock more currency, unlocking more rewards from the Omicrons.