How to get the Mythic Spider-Man Web Shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Befriend the neighborhood.

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, a mythic weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, can be found in backpacks in various locations across the map. If you’ve been playing Chapter 3 Season 1 since the island flipped, and have been wondering why there are giant spider’s webs in certain locations, then here’s why: the webs tell you where the backpacks are.

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The highest concentration of webs is at the Daily Bugle, which is an office building in a crater in the northeast section of the map. The backpack is close to the entrance, but every player wants those Web-Shooters, so your chances of getting to the Daily Bugle backpack first are pretty slim. You’re better off sneaking around the building, listening for the telltale web-shooting sound, and eliminating whoever had the Web-Shooters so you can take them for yourself. You can’t miss them – they’re a very conspicuous pair of Spider-Man gloves.

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But the Daily Bugle is not the only location you’ll find spider webs and, of course, a backpack containing Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters. For example, by a road on the east side of The Joneses, there’s a cluster of rocks, one of which has a backpack on it. Even in a less obvious location like that though, there’ll be other players trying to get to the Web-Shooters first, so you’ll probably have to fight for them.

Web Shooters location and cost in Arena Mode

Players will need to begin by heading to the large Mexican restaurant in Greasy Grove when playing in Arena mode — which is in the top left corner of the grove (as shown below). From there, go behind the counter to speak to Gauco, the restaurant’s mascot, and he should offer the Web-Shooters for 400 gold. If you’re short on gold, doing challenges given by NPCs should help you earn enough.

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Like any other weapon, the shooters will take up a spot in your inventory and can be used by pressing your respective shooting button. To swing, you’ll need to aim your web at an object or building not to far off into the distance. You can continue to swing whenever and wherever as long as you’re in mid-air. After you land back onto the ground, the Web-Shooters will need 10 seconds to cooldown for them to be used once more.