How to get the Omega Knight skin in Fortnite

The towering figure has comeback with a few massive twists.

Image via Epic Games

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In the most unpredictable fashion, one of the oldest and most highly regarded skins in Fortnite will be returning — Omega. However, this time around, the character will be rocking a new upgradable outfit known as Omega Knight, and those interested in fully evolving it should prepare for a lengthy collect-a-thon. Here’s how you can add Omega Knight and its dedicated cosmetics to your collection.

At the time of writing, Omega Knight and its dedicated bundle have yet to debut — but the wait may not be long. Players can currently find an empty Omega Knight menu within the game, though Fortnite Status’ Twitter account has revealed this to be error and that an update will be provided in the future.

As leaked by prominent dataminer iFireMonkey, files within Fortnite reveal the skin to be a part of a Level Up Token Pack. For those unfamiliar, this sort of bundle offers 21 challenges over the course of four weeks with each challenge requiring you to hunt down tokens. Each token found will then level you up instantly in the Battle Pass and finding seven can unlock a new cosmetic for the character.

via iFireMonkey’s Twitter

Those who purchase the Omega Knight bundle will automatically earn the skin but also will be able to unlock its Knight’s Torment Harvesting Tool, Back Bling, and all three of their “Aurum Eques” golden styles. It is important to note that these Level Up Token challenges do not last forever. As they only help boost your level in this season’s Battle Pass, any challenges left uncompleted will disappear by the start of Chapter 3 Season 3.

To ensure you don’t miss out on Omega Knight’s golden skin, we will be providing guides to Level Up Token locations shortly after the bundle becomes available.

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