How to Get the Rune of Devastate in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Looking to grab this powerful Rune in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery? this guide will walk you through how to get helpful Warrior ability.

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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is full of new abilities to find that add new ways to enjoy classes thanks to the Rune Engraving system, some of which have never been seen in Classic before.

Some can be easy to find, while other Runes can take more effort, often involving finding specific items or traveling a great distance. In this case, it’s the Rune of Devastate, which is a major part of making your Warrior a more formidable tank.

To help you get your hands on this Rune, we’ve put together this guide on how to get the Rune of Devastate in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, including the specific items you’ll need, their locations, and some details on what the Rune can do.

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Where to Find the Rune of Devastate in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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Finding the Rune of Devastate is pretty straightforward since it involves something every WoW player knows and enjoys doing: killing enemies. More specifically, you must find certain enemy types, kill them to collect their items, and take those to specific NPCs in your respective starting zones. For my Tauren, this was Mulgore, so any images come from my expereince tracking down the enemies and getting this Rune.

Each zone will need three different items, and in most cases, they will differ. Thankfully, there is an abundance of enemies in each area that drop these items, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them all.

All Item Locations for the Rune of Devastate in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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We have listed all the required items you need to collect to get the Rune of Devastate and separated them by each zone so you can see exactly what items you need, the enemies that drop them, and where you can find them.

ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Kobold HeadKobold Tunneler
Kobold Miner
Severed Murloc HeadMurloc Streamrunner
Murloc Forager
Severed Gnoll HeadRiverpaw Runt
Riverpaw Outrunner
ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Troll HeadFrostmane Shadowcaster
Frostmane Headhunter
Frostmane Snowstrider
Frostmane Seer
Frostmane Hideskinner
Frostmane Troll
Severed Wendigo PawYoung Wendigo
Pristine Trogg HeartRockjaw Ambusher
Rockjaw Skullthumper
Rockjaw Bonesnapper
ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Tiger HeadNightsaber
Elder Nightsaber
Nightsaber Stalker
Severed Owl HeadStrigid Screecher
Strigid Hunter
Strigid Owl
Severed Spider HeadWebwood Lurker
Webwood Venomfang
ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Centaur HeadKolkar Outrunner
Kolkar Drudge
Severed Harpy HeadDustwind Pillager
Dustwind Harpy
Dustwind Savage
Dustwind Storm Witch
Severed Quilboar HeadRazormane Scout
Razormane Quilboar
Razormane Battleguard
Razormane Dustrunner
ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Bat HeadGreater Duskbat
Vampiric Duskbat
Severed Gnoll HeadRot Hide Graverobber
Rot Hide Mongrel
Rot Hide Gnoll
Severed Murloc HeadVile Fin Muckdweller
Vile Fin Minor Oracle
Vile Fin Puddlejumper
ItemEnemies That Drop Required ItemLocation
Severed Gnoll HeadPalemane Tanner
Palemane Skinner
Palemane Poacher
Severed Harpy HeadWindfury Harpy
Windfury Wind Witch
Windfury Matriarch
Severed Quilboar HeadBristleback InterloperWoW_Classic_Quillboar_Head

In some cases, you might notice fewer opportunities to find specific items, in which case, we recommend traveling to other zones to find items with more options and chances of them dropping. A good amount of quests in these areas will also require you to kill these enemies, so you should naturally come across them as you progress, and using a good addon can make the process of leveling and getting to those quests faster and easier.

Where to Collect the Rune of Devastate in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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Once you have found all the items you need, you’ll need to take them to an NPC, who will reward you with one Monster Hunter’s Rune Fragments. There are three to collect, each attached to one of the three items you hand in. After handing in all three, you can combine these items and create the Rune of Devastate, which you can then use, learn the ability, and apply to your gear.

Below, we have listed the location of each Hunter in their respective zone so you know where to find them and hand them in your items.

NPC NameZoneCoordinates
Viktoria WoodsStormwind City69.8 50.0
Junni SteelpassDun Morogh46.6 53.6
DelwynnaDarnassus64.0 22.0
Vahi BonesplitterDurotar53.0 43.6
Dorac GravesUndercity 48.6 71.6
Vateya TimberhoofMulgore46.4 61.8

Getting the Rune of Devastate

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Once you have done all of this, you will have the new Devastate ability, which can be applied to your Warriors gloves slot and is a powerful Rune for Warriors looking to tank thanks to its effect and the Sunder Armor ability.

This Rune causes Sunder Armor to do 60% weapon damage, while before, it would do no damage, and this damage increases with each stack of the Sunder Armor effect, which can reach up to five. This is coupled with Sunder Armor’s ability to weaken enemy defenses, making it a powerful option when fighting bosses in dungeons and raids.

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It not only gives you more damage and use for one of the Warrior’s most important tools but also helps your party do more damage, making it a win for everyone.