How to get the Sakai Horse Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Murder more Mongols with your horse.


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Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion is home to many new treasures to collect. Among them is a set of horse armor that’s very close to Jin Sakai’s heart, the set his father’s horse wore into battle when they were first on this island together. This armor is powerful and will be a huge benefit to you while you play through the rest of the story. This guide covers how you can get it.

How to get the Sakai Horse Armor

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To get this incredible Horse Armor, you need to complete The Legacy Of Kazumasa Sakai Mythic Tale. This is a Mythic Tale you’ll hear about in the main hub on Iki Island quite early on in the expansion’s story. Follow it, and you’ll be sent to a small camp where the locals tell tales of the Sakai clan and how weak they were. Of course, Jin can’t help but lash out, and the locals kick him out before they can hear the rest of the story.

This Mythic Tale isn’t that challenging to complete. First, you need to eavesdrop on the locals while they finish their tale, then you must work your way through a traversal puzzle made up of shipwrecks in the local bay. The Sakai Horse Armor is waiting to be claimed at the end, but you’ll have to work quite hard and battle the tide as you try to get it.

Once you’ve picked the armor up, the local camp is assaulted by The Eagle’s army. Don’t try to get off your horse to battle them, there are too many soldiers. Instead, charge at them with your horse in its magnificent new armor to see just how powerful it really is.

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