How to get the Scorched Earth II achievement in The Final Countdown – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

If it’s a tower or a truck, it’s going down.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

If you thought the first Scorched Earth achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was tough, then we regret to inform you that there is a sequel. The Final Countdown, the last campaign mission, begins with you and the entire squad storming a monastery to finally confront Perseus. You’ll encounter some opposition on the way, and the Scorched Earth II achievement requires you to blow up all trucks and guard towers with a grenade launcher before arriving at the monastery. This sequence is the opening of this final mission.

You’ll be on wheels instead of a helicopter this time around, and you’ll have to react quickly, as you aren’t in control of this vehicle convoy. First, keep in mind that you only have 36 shots on your grenade launcher. One of the keys to earning this quick achievement is conserving your ammo. Look to the distance to see two guard towers — one on the left and the other on the right. Use ADS and concentrate only on the right one, as your allies will blow up the left one even without your help.

You have to react quickly after these first towers, as there are four trucks and four guard towers immediately afterward. Don’t bother using ADS for the four trucks, and save ammo by only using one shot for each truck. The first truck is right behind the destroyed guard tower on the left. Turn to your right to fire at the second truck. The third truck will be on the left side of the road, and finally, the last truck will be on the right side — it’s a simple zigzag, but at the speed you’re going, it’s easy to miss one of them.

You’ll quickly approach the next two guard towers, one on the left and the other across it on the right. If you’re precise, then you don’t need to use ADS and can blow up these towers with one grenade shot each. The tough part is getting those last two, which are a bit in the distance. Here, you’ll definitely have to use ADS, and assuming you’ve saved up on ammo, unload on those two towers — if your aim is true, then those towers are done for.

The problem here is that your vehicle will swerve away and you’ll lose player control in a scripted bit, so if one of those towers is still standing when you get to this animation, then you won’t get the achievement. However, you can hit Last Checkpoint in the pause menu and start again from the first two towers. The game may take you back to the middle of the sequence by mistake, but if you hit Last Checkpoint again, it should eventually correct itself back to the beginning.