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How to get the secret ending in Sons of the Forest

Get to the chopper!

In its current form, Sons of the Forest takes only a few hours to beat if you focus on progression. This shouldn’t be a surprise to players that have eagerly jumped into the title on Steam’s Early Access program, but it also shouldn’t be taken to mean that there is no content within Sons of the Forest. Players can spend hours exploring the brilliant building system, talking to NPCs and earning their trust, and simply lopping the heads’ of cannibals. It’s all good fun, but you’ll need to do a few things in order to achieve the secret ending of Sons in the Forest.

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How many endings does Sons of the Forest have?

Sons of the Forest has three different endings, although the changes between the three are minor at best. The first two endings are standard — upon leaving the bizarre box, you’ll be teleported back to the beach where a helicopter awaits, while your bag is laying on the beach behind you. Getting onto the helicopter, or walking to your bag, will both unlock an ending with a unique achievement. There is a third achievement, however, that can be a bit more of a headache to get. To unlock the secret ending, you’ll need Kelvin to be alive, and Virginia to trust you as a companion, and live until the end.

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This can be difficult, as Virginia is aggressive once she is offered the pistol/shotgun combo, meaning you’ll need to chase her into the fray more often than not, but she can also deal a healthy bit of damage. If you have both allies, you’ll receive the ‘Keep your friends close’ achievement as you all climb onto the helicopter together. If you received this achievement first, you’ll need to kill one in order to get the two standard endings.

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