The best way to use Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Aren’t you glad she’s on your side?

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Sons of the Forest has introduced Virginia, a second NPC companion for players. While recruiting her is entirely optional, the wait and effort is well worth it. She is not only a devastating force against mutants, but can also provide you with various resources, and guide you to caves and camps that you can loot. Do keep in mind that she can be killed permanently in the game if you choose to shoot at or attack her when she first approaches you, robbing you of an excellent companion. Here is how to best utilize Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

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How to use Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

First off, make sure you give Virginia a GPS Locator after you have befriended her, to ensure that you know where she is. Unlike Kelvin, Virginia does not follow the player’s orders, instead roaming around the island or near the player’s general vicinity. Knowing her location is extremely important, as you can head to her if you are in a pinch.

Next, you will have to get her used to combat by taking her with you to small fights. While she will initially be rather shy, her confidence will grow with each battle, and she will eventually become seasoned in the art of taking down enemies. Take her into combat and ensure that you equip her with weapons such as the pistol and shotgun, as her extra limbs allow her to wield multiple weapons at the same time, letting her potentially massive amounts of damage. The pistol-shotgun combination in particular is favored due to its high damage output.

Much like how you are able to change her clothing, you are also able to customize Virginia’s weapon combination, allowing you to equip her according to your playstyle, or as the situation requires. Players who favor melee combat can give Virginia ranged weapons so that she can provide support at a distance, while players who prefer long-range weapons can give her multiple close-range guns instead.