How to get the Starhorse mask in Destiny 2


Screenshot by Gamepur

For the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2, you will be wearing a festival mask throughout the event. Without the mask, you cannot earn any form of Candy, which is one of your primary currencies throughout this event, especially if you want some limited-time items. One of the more notable masks releasing for the Festival of the Lost 2022 event is the Starhorse mask, which is as majestic as you would think. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Starhorse mask in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Starhorse mask in Destiny 2

We can confirm the only way to grab the Starhorse mask in Destiny 2 is by purchasing it from the Eververse store. You will find it under the Event tab on the left side of the store screen. It does cost Silver to purchase. However, if this is a mask you can see yourself wearing throughout the rest of the event and even on future occasions, it’s never a bad thing to add this mask to your collection.

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We believe the Starhorse mask was added to the Destiny 2 mask collection because of the arrival of the Starhorse Sparrow, one of the premium items you can also purchase from the Eververse store. These items could complete a future set for yourself. Again, these are both viable with the purchase of Silver, and you can only acquire that using real-world money purchases.

None of these items are required to participate in the Festival of the Lost event. The Starhorse mask is a cosmetic item that will go overtop of the standard mask you receive from Eva when working through the various Haunted Sectors. Wearing it does yield candy, which you can use to purchase mystery bags from Eva.