How to get the Supercharged mod in Destiny 2, and what it does

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The Supercharge mod is a Charged with Light mod in Destiny 2 that players can get from Ada-1 in the Tower Annex. It is a vital mod for anybody looking to really build a powerful character and is considered a must-have item for people who like to get every advantage for their Guardian.

The available mod changes daily, so players should be checking in with her on reset every day to see what she has in stock. All mods will cost 10 Mod Components. Mod Components can be earned by doing Banshee’s Daily Bounties, which are available in the main section of the Tower.

The Supercharged mod allows players to have two additional stacks of Charged With Light, up to a maximum of 5. It requires 5 Solar energy, so can only be slotted in solar armor. Usually, the mod is combined in builds with the Charged Up mod to reach the cap of five stacks of Charged With Light. Adding in the Taking Charge mod which allows players to gain a stack of Charged with Light each time they pick up an orb and then using Masterworked weapons would be an excellent way to rush the charges.

Ada-1 also takes care of the game’s transmog system, so players should ensure that they are completely up to date in their efforts to earn those materials. As the number of transmogs is effectively capped each season, players should ensure they earn them all to make the most out of the system.