Destiny 2: How To Get The Sweet Business Catalyst

Unlock the Sweet Business Catalyst in Destiny 2 and enhance this formidable auto rifle’s capabilities. Learn how to obtain the Sweet Business and the Catalyst, plus tips for mastering its unique mechanics.

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Destiny 2, the expansive universe of galactic battles and powerful weaponry, offers guardians an array of exotic arms to wield against the forces of darkness. Among these is the Sweet Business, an auto rifle renowned for its sheer destructive potential and unique mechanics. To elevate its capabilities and make it truly exceptional, it needs the Catalyst. However, there are specific prerequisites you need to fulfill to get the Catalyst, and if you are interested in acquiring it, refer to the guide below.

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Destiny 2: What is Sweet Business Catalyst & How To Get

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Before you can work on obtaining the Catalyst, you need to have the Sweet Business auto rifle in your inventory. If you don’t already possess Sweet Business weapon in Destiny 2, you can get it through random Exotic Engrams, completing specific quests, or purchasing it from Xur when he offers it for sale.

Sweet Business is a powerful weapon in Destiny 2 with the intrinsic trait “Payday” that allows the gun to have a massive mag size of 150. The trait also makes the weapon more accurate when used in hip firing. It is good for close to mid-range combats and naturally excels at clearing multiple mobs in a short burst. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of obtaining Catalyst for Sweet Business. However, if you participate in Strikes, Nightfall, or Crucible regularly, you will get the Catalyst sooner or later.

The Catalyst for Sweet Business reduces the Flinch coming from incoming damage when the Masterwork upgrade is unlocked. However, to do so, you need to kill four or more enemies to trigger Multikill and do that 250 times. This is a challenging feat to achieve, as not only it’s tough to get a Multikill, but you also need a place where there is a healthy spawn rate of mobs. The best places to get the Masterwork upgrade are Leviathan Raid or the Altars of Sorrow.