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How to get the Ultracite Laser Gun in Fallout 76

Only the best laser gun.

The wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with different types of weapons for you to obtain and use to fight back against the various mutated enemies. The more powerful weapon you get, the better your chances of survival. One of the more popular weapons in the game is the Ultracite Laser Gun. This weapon packs a punch and can fire out constant lasers that heavily damage foes. This guide will show you how to get the Ultracite Laser Gun.

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Where to find the Ultracite Laser Gun in Fallout 76

The Ultracite Laser Gun is a modular weapon in Fallout 76. The plans for this weapon allow you to craft the Ultracite Laser Pistol. Once crafted, you can mod the weapon with various features that allow it to perform better with your current build. To obtain the weapon, you need to get the Ultracite Laser Gun plans which are found around the map in various locations.

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Like most weapons in the game, you can obtain the plans for the Ultracite Laser Gun missions you complete around the map. Completing the Personal Matters quest grants has a small chance of rewarding you with the plans. You can also get the plans by completing daily and repeatable quests in the Savage Divide and Ash Heap section of Appalachia. Keep in mind that the chance of obtaining the plans in this way is very small.

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The best way to obtain the plans for the weapon is to purchase them from one of the vendors in Whitespring Resort or the Watoga Shopping Plaza. If you go to Whitespring Resort, the Brotherhood Vendor Bot will sell the plans. You can also find the plans being sold by Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga. The plans are sold for over 3,000 Caps. Make sure that you save up as many Caps as possible before purchasing these plans.

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