How to get the Volcanic Ash-sassin Quest Pack in Fortnite

Get this free skin bundle for a limited time.

Image via Epic Games

Every once in a while Epic Games adds a free skin that players can pick up in the Fortnite item shop. The Volcanic Ash-sassin Quest Pack is the latest for fans able to obtain — with some stipulations involved.

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You can purchase the Volcanic Ash-sassin Quest Pack at no cost whatsoever in the item shop, but it must be on PC. Players who primarily play on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch will not see the quest pack available for purchase. If you do not play Fortnite on PC, but have the ability to get access to it you can download it through the Epic Games Store. It is also accessible through GeForce Now. Note: Make sure your Epic account is linked across all platforms you can play on so the bundle will be useable on other platforms.

Once downloaded and logged in you can go to the item shop and buy it, but you don’t automatically get the skin bundle. To get everything, you must finish a few quests beforehand. Note: After purchasing the quest pack on PC you are able to complete these quests on any platform that your Epic account is linked with.

Here are the four quests you must complete to earn everything included in the bundle:

Ignite Structures 100 times – Reward: Fiery Jam Back Bling
Survive 50 Storm Phases – Reward: Fiery Flow Gun Wrap
Deal 2,100 damage to opponents – Reward: Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
Complete the three Volcanic Assassin Pack Quests – Reward: Tectonic Komplex Outfit

After completing all the quests and claiming each reward you can use the items on any platform that is connected to your Epic account. The Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack is available until June 16.