How to get the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin in Overwatch 2 during Halloween Terror


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event has made its annual return, bringing with it the beloved Junkenstein’s Revenge cooperative PvE brawl and plenty of cosmetics. While many of the Halloween skins will require you to pay to unlock them in your Hero Gallery, there is one that can be earned through a different means. Here is how to get the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin in Overwatch 2 during the Halloween Terror event.

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How to get the Werewolf Winston skin in Overwatch 2 for free

While a vast majority of skins in the Overwatch 2 Halloween event require a purchase to be made to get them, the Werewolf skin for Winston is free and can be earned through Twitch Drops. All you need to do is connect your Twitch account to your account and then watch streams for a combined six hours to earn rewards.

The Twitch Drops will begin on October 25 at 11 AM PST and will run alongside the Halloween event until November 6 at 11 AM PST. During this time, get on Twitch and look for Overwatch 2 streams that say they have Drops enabled. Just let the streams run for two hours and you will earn the Werewolf spray. Another four hours later you will get the Werewolf skin.

You can claim these items by clicking your Twitch profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and going to Drops. Click on Inventory and then redeem your rewards. They should appear in Overwatch 2 within 24 hours. If you are currently in Overwatch 2, try to reset the game.

It should be noted that this Winston skin may already be owned by Overwatch 1 players. This is the same skin that the character had earned years ago in the past, so don’t worry about earning the Drops for this if you had already obtained it from a loot box in the past.