How to defeat the Mantis in Grounded

Don’t let this Mantis bite your head off.

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The Mantis is a powerful world boss you can discover and hunt in Grounded. Grounded is a survival game where you play as a group of teens shrunk and stuck in a massive backyard full of creepy critters. Spiders, ladybugs, and more will hunt you down but provide significant resources if you can take them down. This guide will show you how to find and defeat the Mantis in Grounded.

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How to find the Mantis in Grounded

The Mantis is a world boss in Grounded, and you won’t find it just prowling around the various areas of the backyard. It can only be found in one specific section of the open world. The Mantis can be found in the Shed, located in the upper yard section of the backyard.

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To reach this area, you must craft an explosive. A Bratburst or a Splatburst are needed to reach the Shed. Head to area one on the map above. You will discover a landmark called Upper Yard Ascent. You must use your bomb to destroy the cracked rock blocking the pathway. Once you reach the upper yard, head towards the shed and use the bike on the ground to climb onto the shed platform.

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When you reach the platform, head to area two on the map. This platform will have a long water hose leading to a trio of potted plants. Climb on the water hose to make it up to the potted plant. The water hose will lead to a broken pipe. Head into this pipe to find the Mantis boss arena.

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Now that you’ve found the Mantis’s lair, you have to summon and prepare to fight.

How to kill the Mantis in Grounded

To summon the Mantis, you have to defeat the Broodmother world boss fight. The Broodmother will give you the crafting materials you need to craft the Orchid Mantis Kebab. After you defeat the broodmother in the Hedge, you can find the Orchid Mantis Kebab recipe in the Stump Lab. Once you have the Orchid Mantis Kebab in hand, you can summon the Mantis.

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This is the most challenging fight in the entire game, and having the right gear is essential to victory. This fight will occur in three distinct phases, and knowing what to expect will help you take this creature out.

The only two weaknesses the Mantis has is the Salty element and chopping damage. Bring a salty chopping weapon and ensure it’s fully upgraded to plus nine to give yourself an advantage.

The first phase of the fight is the hardest, as getting accustomed to its attack patterns is difficult. It can swipe you from the left or right or smash you with a massive strike. If the Mantis leaps away from you, stop blocking and sprint as far away as possible. When this happens, try to keep the center pillar between you and the boss. After a few good attacks, phase two will begin.

After taking some damage, the Mantis will scream and damage you and lower your exhaustion recovery time. It can also cause bleed damage with its three-hit combo attack. It will also shoot pollen clouds that will slow you down tremendously. Avoid fighting in these clouds as much as possible.

When the boss is nearly dead, it will shoot out unblockable shockwaves from any distance. These attacks can easily wipe you out in a single attack, so be ready to jump to the left or right and avoid them when possible.

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If you can take the Mantis down, you’ll be rewarded with the Apex Predator mutation and Mantis parts needed to craft some of the best armor and weapons in the game.