How to get Tiny Tina’s Diamond Pony Glider in Fortnite

Jump onto the battle royale’s island with flying colors.

Image via Epic Games

In collaboration with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Fortnite is introducing Borderlands’ famous Butt Stallion to its players in the form of the Diamond Pony Glider. The in-game cosmetic is surely much larger than most gliders and even creates a rainbow path behind it when activated. As for obtaining it, some players will soon find it automatically in their digital lockers, while others may need to give up some V-Bucks. Here’s how and when you can get the Diamond Pony Glider.

The Diamond Pony Glider is set to release on April 1 with multiple ways of owning it. Firstly, those who purchase Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on the Epic Games Store before March 25, 2023 will have the cosmetic automatically in their locker once it releases. However, players must purchase the game on the same Epic Games account they use for Fortnite. It should also be noted those who decide to refund Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands at any time will lose access to the Diamond Pony Glider.

Additionally, the glider will be available in the Item Shop from April 1 at 8 PM ET to April 8 at 8 PM ET. Players on any of the game’s supported platforms can purchase the item, but it will cost a steep 1,200 V-Bucks. Though, if you decide to buy Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on the Epic Games Store after buying the glider, the game will instantly refund your V-Bucks.

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