How to get to the hospital wing in Hogwarts Legacy

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There are many places to explore in Hogwarts Legacy — so many that you might get lost. You can also easily fast travel between locations once you’ve unlocked the Floo Flame teleporter in the location. You might notice that some areas aren’t as easy to get to as others, and one of those is the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts’ South Wing. This guide explains the route you need to follow to find the Hospital Wing.

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Hogwarts Legacy Hospital Wing travel guide – How to reach the hospital wing in Hogwarts Legacy

You won’t be able to travel to the Hospital Wing until after you begin The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest, which will teach you how to pick a lock using the Alohomora charm. You will need to speak with Gladwin Moon to start the mission, and from there, you will learn how to lock the pick to a locked door that leads into the enclosed area. You will need to avoid the students and professors throughout the hallways to reach the current wing.

First, you will go up a couple of flights of stairs, then you will see a student guarding a puzzle door, where you can get some loot chests. But if you want to skip this door, turn on your Disillusionment charm and continue going up the stairs. You want to make sure your invisibility is also turned on so you can get past Professor Weasly and Professor Sharp, then continue heading up the staircase to your right.

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Now, go up the spiral staircase until you see a student monitoring the halls. After using some basic spells, you will be able to lead them away from the stairs, and then you can run into the bathroom to pick up the Demiguise Moon. Climb up the stairs where you’ll find the Floo Flame teleporter, which will take you to the Hosptial Wing.

You can now head into the hospital room, avoid Professor Garlick and the medical staff around finish your quest. You will also be able to return whenever you like to collect any chest you might have missed or just to revisit.