How to get to the Lake-Facing Cliffs in Elden Ring

Follow the mountain trail.

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Elden Ring’s world is vast. It is extremely easy to get lost, and the game encourages exploration to discover paths thought blocked or new areas to unpack. Luckily, the game provides you with a host of fast travel rest points, known as Sites of Grace. These allow you to travel around The Lands Between with ease. One such location, the Lake-Facing Cliffs, seems like it might be a perilous journey with no easy way to navigate to it, but it is actually quite simple to find if you know where to go. Let’s break down the fastest way to get to the Lake-Facing Cliffs and its Site of Grace.

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Where is the Lake-Facing Cliffs in Elden Ring?

The most direct way to get to the Lake-Facing Cliffs is to find or teleport to the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. This is an early location that you should have no trouble getting to straight out of the starting area. It is slightly north of the opening location in the game.

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The Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace is Northwest of Stormhill Shack, but there is that pesky castle blocking the way. You won’t be able to reach the location by heading east. In fact, you’ll probably be murdered by the castle ballistas if you are still a fledgling adventurer.

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Instead, you want to head directly north from the Stormhill Shack location. On the map, you can see a broken bridge next to a cliff. Make your way onto the bridge and past the merchant there. When you reach its edge, immediately look to your left and slightly down. There is actually a path here that leads up the mountain and around the castle. Jump onto this and head forward, following the curve to the left and then again to the right.

You’ll want to follow this path Northwest as it increases in elevation, navigating the few bends as you go. Watch out for wolves on the way. They patrol this area. The path will eventually peak and curve to the left. This is your final destination.

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You should now see a swirling Site of Grace just ahead and to the right of the road where the path opens up. You have now successfully navigated to the Lake-Facing Cliffs and its Site of Grace. Take a rest at the light, and take comfort in knowing that you can now return to this spot at any time.