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Top 5 Best Elden Ring Interactive Maps, Ranked

In Elden Ring, interactive maps are crucial to getting around the world. Today we'll take a look at how each one ranks in the top five.

The open world of Elden Ring can be tricky for new players and vets alike. There are no real markers in-game, and the amount of enemies littering the map can slow down even the best players if they don’t take them seriously. This entry is the first true open world that Fromsoft has delivered to Soulsborne fans, and needless to say, players are looking for a way to plan their trips around the world.

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Interactive maps are starting to populate the internet for those looking for detailed information on the world. In-game, key information is left out not to ruin the experience, so these maps are great for those directionless moments. Today we’ll go over the top five interactive maps available, ranked.

5. Elden Map – Interactive Map

Image via App Store

Out of all the maps on the list, this is the least detailed one we’ve come across. With that being said, this map is the only option specifically tailored for offline mobile devices, so for those looking for something flexible, this may be the pick for you. You can download this map from the Apple App Store for $1.99.

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4. Fextralife

Image via Fextralife

Fextralife has long been a great destination for guides and general information. Elden Ring is no exception, with a fully detailed and customizable map that’s easy to navigate and quick to pull up in a browser. Players can offer feedback on what they want to see on their website. 

3. Guides4Gamers

Image via Guides4Gamers

What we like about this guide, in particular, is the fact that each icon comes with an explanation of its importance to you, the player. This map includes the number of items and what’s available, with advice on how and when to use them. The creator is very active and is constantly updating the site on Guides4Gamers.

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2. Map Genie

Image via Map Genie

This one is hands down the best map of the bunch, and the interactive map ranked ahead will explain why. MapGenie is the most comprehensive option of the bunch, with the option to apply and save presets for future use if you only want to show certain content. There’s even a paid option that allows you to access more features and remove ads.

1. Elden Ring Map Overlay Mod

Image via Nexusmods

This pick may be cheating for some, but the MapGenie map is so good it deserves a second spot on the list. In our defense, Elden Ring Map Overlay is a modified version of the MapGenie version that can be used in-game, including all the bells and whistles. The only knock on this version is that it’s a mod so console players may be out of luck.

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