How to get Ulv trophies in Valheim

Trophies to decorate your place.

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One thing players love to do in Valheim is take the house they’ve built and decorate it. While fans can craft their own decorations with the material they gathered, certain enemies will drop items that serve as mementos. These items can be parts of the enemy, like a tail or a head, and you mount them on the walls of your house if you want. One memento fans are dying to have in their house is the Ulv trophy, which is a special kind of item that is only dropped by a specific enemy found in a particular location. If you want the coveted Ulv trophy, continue reading to discover more about this elusive item.

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What is the Ulv trophy in Valheim?

Frost Cave in Valheim
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The Ulv trophy is a fury tail that you can mount on the walls of your house. The tail comes from the Ulv enemy type, wolf-like monsters with grey and black fur. These beasts are similar to the Fenrings, except Ulvs are on four legs and more distinctly animal-like. Defeating an Ulv may also reward you with a Wolf Fang item, which you can use for crafting. There’s a 10% chance for an Ulve to drop an Ulv Trophy, whereas there is a 50% of it dropping a Wolf Fang. Ulvs are weak against poison damage and are resistant to fire, so you shouldn’t use fire-type attacks against them.

Where can you find an Ulv?

The Ulvs only spawn in one type of location, and you better prepare to climb. Ulvs are only found inside Frost Caves located in the Mountain biome. Frost Caves are dungeons and are generally located in snowy parts of the mountain range. Besides Ulvs, you will likely encounter other enemies like Cultists, Bats, and maybe even a Stone Golem. Also found in Frost Caves are fish called Tetra, which you can lure out with a Fenring trophy