Best Valheim house ideas and designs

This viking decor is on point.

Image via Iron Gate

Ever since Valheim launched in early access, players have taken it upon themselves to build impressive bases in the Viking survival game. When you’re not running from trolls or sailing between islands, there’s an opportunity to create a home for yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration in that department, look no further. We’ve collected 10 of the best Valheim house designs to set off that creative spark in your mind.

Between Swamp and Forest

Image via cwigginsNYC

Most Valheim players are going to choose a forest or a mountainside as the plot for their builds, but cwigginsNYC decided to go for a very different biome. Building in such terrain can be difficult, but as their video tour shows, it can also yield some impressive results.


Image via TedeZe

As mentioned, mountainside builds are pretty common in the game, but TedeZe’s Bjornheim is one of the best out there. The base is inspired by Lord of the Rings (which will come up again later), and it features a large feasting hall. As the video tour shows, there’s also an outdoor stairway to a large bonfire beacon.

Gladiator Stadium

Image via master_arjun

Here’s another movie-inspired build: master_arjun took Gladiator and turned it into a large coliseum. This stadium isn’t your typical home base, since it’s all about combat. As the short overview video shows, its construction is still elegant and inspiring.

Eiffel Tower

Image via Vot Te Game

Real-world architecture can be a big inspiration too. As Vot Te Game’s video shows, they even aimed for a one-to-one reconstruction of this historic landmark. This required hundreds of blocks and a huge amount of time, but the results are simply incredible. The tower is so tall that the framerate even starts to fall off by the time players reach the top.

Ewok Tree Houses

Image via ShoryGamer

Tree houses are fairly common in Valheim. Everyone wants to get a little dose of childhood imagination in their builds, but ShoryGamer brought A New Hope‘s Ewok home to life with theirs. Over the course of 10 minutes, they demonstrate how they created the village, crafting well-rounded houses and linking them together with suspended walkways.

Minas Tirith

Image via Six Addams

This list’s second Lord of the Rings-inspired build is simply a masterpiece. Not only is it the capital of Gondor massive compared to most Valheim builds, but it’s also fully modeled on the inside too. As Six Addam’s video tour shows, this isn’t a facade — it’s a full fortress.

Mountaintop Dragon Head Outpost

Image via CrazySteve

You can take inspiration from creatures for your builds too; that’s what CrazySteve did. Modeling a dragon head atop a mountain is a nice choice, and it evokes some serious Skyrim vibes. As their video shows, the inside of the dragon head is filled with several rooms too. This outpost is both picturesque and livable.


Image via kazlazul

Every other build on this list has mostly Western inspirations, which makes kazlazul’s Pagoda stand out even more. They do point out the Western fusion in its construction, such as the castle-like cylinders in the corners, but this sort of flavor is still very rare in Valheim.

Ultimate Island Base

Image via TheFriendlyGamr

Restriction often breeds creativity, and TheFriendlyGamr limited their build to a single, small island. As a result, the base is very smartly packed, with smaller buildings linked together by pavement and walkways. Screenshots show off a forge, a kitchen, and several other amenities packed into the small space.

Upside-down House

Image via tyler_daniels_

Finally, we have a totally wacky build from tyler_daniels_ and some of their friends. It was shared as a joke on Reddit, but the construction here is still seriously impressive. Visualizing this idea and building it in a stable manner took real planning. It’s inspirational too — what else could be inverted in Valheim?

These builds are only going to get better as Valheim’s audience gets bigger. It’s coming to the Microsoft Store this fall, then to Xbox in spring 2023. Those versions will be available on Game Pass, opening up the door for even more players to hop in. Thanks to crossplay, console and PC players will be able to build together. Here are the kinds of things they could construct.