How to get Tetra in Valheim

This ultrarare fish prefers the taste of werewolf.

Frost Cave in Valheim

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you love collecting valuables and hard-to-find rarities while exploring your world’s Nordic landscapes, consider catching a Tetra, the rarest fish in Valheim. While it holds no intrinsic value outside of being an item stand trophy, the Tetra is exceptionally rare, similar to encountering a maypole that randomly spawned on one’s map. This fish’s rarity is due to the fact that it only resides in a specific type of Frost Cave within the Mountain biome. You might stumble upon this particular cave within a few hours of your playtime, or you might have yet to discover one within a playthrough of 100+ hours.

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How to catch Tetra in Valheim

Hunting Fenring to make Cold fishing bait for catching Tetra in Frost Cave of Valheim
Screenshot by Gamepur

To catch a Tetra in Valheim, you discover a Frost Cave in Valheim with a pool of water. While this might sound trivial, only a few caves in any world generate these chilly ponds in their interiors. In other words, finding a Tetra habitat is not based on your ability to discover one but on the map generation’s RNG. You might encounter one within hours of searching or after a few minutes of visiting the Mountain biome near your home. The discovery of a Tetra pond is up to chance in Valheim. 

Similar to other fish in Valheim, Tetra prefer a specific kind of bait — cold fishing bait. To craft this bait in a cauldron, you will need to buy ordinary fishing bait from Haldor and acquire a Fenring trophy from the werewolf-like Fenring. Not to be confused with its less-humanoid counterpart in the Frost Caves, the Fenring is a beast that appears in the Mountains only at night. It can be tricky to encounter one since they despawn at dawn. Once you find one, we recommend using fire arrows or a Staff of Embers to kill it, as it is weak to flames. It has a 10% chance of dropping its trophy, which can then be used to craft bait for catching Tetra in Valheim.