How To Get Umbrella In Risk of Rain Returns

Get Umbrella item and become unkillable when it rains in the game.

Loader punching in Risk of Rain Returns

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Risk of Rain Returns features a ton of items and equipment that make each run a fun experience and new every time you play it. There are items you can expect to drop from chests when you first start the game, and more powerful ones get added to the pool after you unlock them by completing certain requirements.

Umbrella is one such item in the game that not only is from the offensive category of items but it makes your survivor invincible for a short time. To get this boon, you have to go to great heights of mastering combat and be quick at killing enemies.

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Obtaining the Umbrella in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns - Umbrella Item
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Completing the Meteor Showers Providence Trial with at least 40 points will unlock the Umbrella item in Risk of Rain Returns. While this number may seem a little challenging at first, if you use a mobile character like Loader, you can kill enemies at a much faster rate and achieve 40 points.

Activating the Teleporter will double the points/score you earn afterward. The best strategy I recommend is to look for weaker enemies to take out first and score 40 points as soon as possible to complete this trial and unlock Umbrella in the game.

What Does Umbrella Item Do

An Umbrella item makes your survivor invincible for 15 seconds and stuns, damages, and weakens enemies during this time. The item is activated automatically every time you interact with the Teleporter. Rain will actually start giving you an indication that the Umbrella item has been activated.

Most bosses spawn on the same floor as your character, and this makes it the best situation to utilize the Umbrella item. You get to deal damage immediately to such bosses as opposed to flying ones like Magma Worm and Wandering Vagrant.

That is everything about the Umbrella item in Risk of Rain Returns. While acquiring powerful items is important, knowing how to recycle drones, finding Boar Beach, and unlocking the HAN-D character and Chef Survivor are equally important as well.