How to get Vanadinite in Final Fantasy XIV

Exclusive to Thavnair.

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There are so many crafting materials in Final Fantasy XIV that it can be extremely overwhelming as to where they are all discovered around Eorzea. Some of these materials are rarer than others, and many require earning currency through gameplay to purchase from vendors. One such material is Vanadinite, a dark red mineral rich in vanadium and exclusively produced in Thavnair. Here’s where to find Vanadinite in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Where to buy Vanadinite in Final Fantasy XIV

A vendor in the Rad-at-Han city hub exclusively sells Vanadinite. You can find Cihanti just northwest of the Aetheryte when you first teleport in at (X: 10.8 Y: 10.4). You will find the Vanadinite under the Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy (Other) section of the NPC’s wares. Cihanti also sells a bunch of other materials used in crafting rare gear.

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It is not as easy as walking up and purchasing Vanadinite for gil, however. Cihanti will only sell you one Vanadinite for 20 Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy each. Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy are not hard to obtain in Final Fantasy XIV. You can easily farm them just by doing roulettes and queueing up for dungeons and raids. If you wish to bypass the currency grind, you can also purchase Vanadinite on the Market Board from other players.

What is Vanadinite used for in Final Fantasy XIV

Vanadinite has one major use in Final Fantasy XIV. The Blacksmith and Armorer Disciplines of the Land can craft Ilmenite Ingots, which are used to make some item level 610 catch-up gear to sell on the Market Board. Each craft of an Ilmenite Ingot needs two Vanadinite, five Ilmenite Ore, three Fire Clusters, and three Earth Clusters. Ilmenite Ore is a timed spawn and rare material found in Mare Lamentorum.