How to get Void Energy in Dead by Daylight

Get enough energy to earn rewards.

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Dead by Daylight is celebrating Halloween with the Haunted by Daylight event. In it, you can acquire Void Energy while playing through a match, which you will be using in unstable rifts, earning exclusive collectibles for the event. You’ll need to work with your teammates to earn enough of it, avoid the Killer and finish the objectives before time runs out. Killers will also have the chance to earn Void Energy as well. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Void Energy in Dead by Daylight.

Where to find Void Energy in Dead by Daylight

While playing as a Survivor, you can find Void Energy by interacting with any of the generators on the map. It will take several seconds for you to begin building up Void Energy. It does not simply happen when you first begin repairing a generator. You’ll have to remain at that point for several seconds, and then your meter on the bottom left, which is to the right of how many generators you have remaining to complete, will begin to go up. When you’re ready to find and use this Energy, you’ll want to turn it at the Unstable Rifts.

While playing as a Killer, knocking down Survivors and hooking them will give you Void Energy. You can find Unstable Rifts the same way as Survivors, by approaching them and interacting with them.

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The trick to walking away with the Void Energy rewards is making sure you place them at the Unstable Rifts. These will appear throughout the map and at a random location while exploring an area. We recommend seeking them out after you have enough Void Energy. Even if you have a little bit, every bit counts towards earning more rewards.

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You’ll earn a Haste speed buff if you earn more than 15 Void Energy and submit it to the Unstable Rift. It’s a good way to get an edge on a Killer or the Survivors, allowing you to move across the map effectively.