How to find Unstable Rifts in Dead by Daylight

Get Void Energy and make the most from these unknown rifts.

With the arrival of Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event, there’s Void Energy and Unstable Rifts for Survivors and Killers to find throughout the many maps. You’ll have a chance to earn the Void Energy while playing the game, and you can turn them in to earn cosmetic rewards for your favorite characters. The trick to submitting your Void Energy is to find the Unstable Rifts throughout the map. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Unstable Rifts in Dead by Daylight.

Where to find Unstable Rifts in Dead by Daylight

The Unstable Rifts will appear throughout your map and spawn while floating in the air. They appear in pretty consistent locations, but you will need to have Void Energy to interact with them. The only way to acquire Void Energy is by interacting with the generators as a Survivor or by knocking down and hooking Survivors as the Killer. Then, when you’re ready to turn in your Void Energy, you can find an Unstable Rift to interact with to bank them for the round.

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It does take a few seconds for you to transfer your Void Energy into the Unstable Rift. We do not recommend doing this while the Killer attempts to chase after you while playing as the Survivor. Although, while playing as a Killer, you do not have to worry about Survivors interrupting you during this process, so being a Killer for this part does make your life a bit easier.

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We also recommend attempting to bank as much Void Energy as possible in a single trip. You’ll be less likely to lose out on Void Energy during a match, and you can ensure you earn the most rewards throughout the Haunted by Daylight event.