How to get Wax Wood in Ghost of Tsushima

Upgrade your bow.

Ghost of Tsushima

Being able to upgrade your weapons is vital inĀ Ghost of Tsushima. As you run into tough enemies, you will be relying upon your weapons to keep up with the required damage output to avoid being overrun and killed in battle. To get the top-tier upgrades for your Bow, you will need to find Wax Wood.

You can upgrade your bow by visiting any of the Bowers in the game.

Wax Wood is quite rare, and is only available from a small number of sources in the game.

  • Trappers – you can purchase Wax Wood from Trappers, as long as you have enough supplies to pay them.
  • Shinto Shrines – to get to Shinto Shrines, you will need to go through long climbing puzzles. To find Shinto Shrines, keep an eye open for their ornate gates, climb the mountain to get to the Shrine itself. On the way, keep searching for Wax Wood, which can be found along the paths.

If you wish to check how many resources you have, hit the Options button to open the menu, then select the Collections tab and your Satchel. In your Satchel, you will see a count of all the Wood, Metal, Cloth, and Goods that you currently possess.