How to give your mother a house in BitLife

Purchased it just for them.


For those working their way through the Mother’s Day challenge in BitLife, most of the tasks for the challenge are pretty straightforward. You can expect to give time to your mother, take care of them, and celebrate what they did for you. You’ll also be expected to be a mother of your own, so prepare to take care of your kids later on in the challenge. But before you worry about your kids, you want to make sure your mother is taken care of, and the best way to do that is to provide them a house.

You can gift your mother a house by first purchasing any of them on the market. You want to make sure the location is classified as a home, though. Any house will be fine, giving you the freedom to choose any of the cheaper locations. These can cost quite a bit of money. We recommend your character has a worthwhile profession, or they can be a descendant of an earlier character you had. You can expect to spend a lot of money to complete the Mother’s Day challenge.

Once you’ve chosen the house you want to purchase, you can give it to your mother by interacting with the home on the assets screen. You can do this by clicking on it, examining it, and choosing to gift it to someone. You’ll be able to pick anyone that you have a relationship with. Once you gift it to your mother, you’ll have completed this portion of the Mother’s Day challenge.