How to complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Happy Mother’s day.

Image via Candywriters

It’s an even more important day to celebrate than a new BitLife patch, and it’s Mother’s Day. For this weekend challenge in BitLife, you’ll be showing your virtual mother all the ways you’re thankful to her and appreciate her for what she’s done for you as a caring guardian and take care of your kids.

Here are all of the tasks for the challenge.

We highly recommend completing this challenge as a female to complete the third step.

The first task is to be kind to your mother. You can do this by spending time with herher and being thankful to her for all of the things she does. To spend time with her, you can find her on the relationships page and choose the option. You can do this at any time, so long as she’s still around. You want to avoid doing anything nasty or mean to your mother.

The next task is to buy your mother’s home. You can do this by purchasing a home and then giving it to your mother. It’s a simple task of having enough money for the house and then transferring it to your mother. You’ll have to do this for your children, so it’s good to understand how to do this.

The next task is to mother three children. You can do this with your husband or strangers if you prefer to handle things independently. You’re better off having a family, and the best way to do this is to find a partner, marrying them, and having three children together to raise them.

For the fourth task, it’s similar to the second, and you’ll have to give all three of your children a home. We recommend making sure you only have three children because you want to make sure all of them have a house. If you have another kid, this part will be unchecked, and you have to buy them a home later.

The final task is to have a perfect relationship with your children. You can do this by increasing the kindness of all your children, giving them compliments, and providing them gifts to maximize their perception of you.

Once you’ve completed all of those tasks, the Mother’s Day challenge is over, and you’re ready to receive your appearance item.