How to grow an Azalea Tree in Minecraft

No Saplings? No problem.

Growing Azalea Trees

Azalea Trees are coming to base Minecraft via the Caves & Cliffs Update, first introduced to Minecraft Snapshot in Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a. Back then, while they could spawn if you set world generation to only the Lush Caves biome, and that was the only way to get organic Azalea Trees without just building a recreation from Oak Logs and Azalea Leaves. In Snapshot 21w16a, however, that has all changed. Here is how to grow an Azalea Tree.

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Growing an Azalea Tree

Growing an Azalea Tree is different from growing other trees in Minecraft for many reasons, but one of the main differences is that there are no Azalea Saplings. There are small Azaleas that come in Flowering (Flowering Azalea) and Non-Flowering (Azalea) varieties. Like Saplings, they can be stacked, but unlike Saplings, when placed, they are a solid block you can stand on.

Like Saplings, you will need Bone Meal to grow them, but they will be easier to grow than other trees in how much Bone Meal it required. You will generally only use 1-3 Bone Meal to grow an Azalea Tree. Azalea and Flowering Azalea react to Bone Meal the same way, and which you use will have no effect on how many flowers will be on the tree. Both will create a tree that has a mix of Flowering and Non-Flowering leaves.

Overall, growing Azalea Trees is similar to growing other trees, but the process is just different enough that it’s good to remember the things that set it apart from your standard Minecraft tree.