Lush Caves biome makes its debut in Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a

Lush Caves biomes are finally playable for Minecraft Snapshot users.

Lush Caves lit up with torches

There is a lot of anticipation around the upcoming major update for Minecraft Caves & Cliffs. That said, if you want a little taste of some of what the new update will have to offer, you can now, as of Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a in Java Edition, access one of the most highly anticipated biomes that will be added in the game: Lush Caves.

The Lush Caves biome only appears deep underground, and while it is not currently available in normal world generation, it is available via Single Biome world generation. If you generate a single biome world with the new option Lush Caves selected, you will be able to take a look at the Lush Caves for yourself in any game mode type.

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When you spawn in, your world will look pretty boring on the surface, but deep under the ground, just below Y = 0, there is a lush cave system just waiting to be explored.

Some highlights of the Lush Caves biome include a good amount of unique vegetation, and if you are lucky, you might encounter some Axolotls. Axolotls can be picked up with a bucket, and come in multiple colors.

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Overall, Lush Caves as a biome has a lot to offer, so if you play Minecraft Snapshots, be sure to check it out. Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a launched on March 10.