How to Hack Terminal in Fallout 4 Expert Guide


Hacking the Locked Terminal in Fallout might be a pain in the arse for the players who have not tried hacking in Fallout 3. The hacking system in Fallout 4 is easy and flexible if you go through this step by step procedure in this Fallout 4 Expert Guide. This Guide will provide all the tips and tricks on how to Hack the terminal.

Fallout 4

Basics of Hacking

In order to unlock the Terminal, you must have the correct password or else you must hack into the Terminal to retrieve the password. When you try to hack any terminal you notice a mixed letters and special Characters, but here is the catch you must be familiar with. Let’s take an example of the Below terminal where you choose to enter Marks as your first attempt which was obviously a wrong one but did you notice the ‘Likeness = 2’ column which shows that the password has 2 matching letters at the same spot.


The Most important part of Basic hacking is to get the characters to the same spot of the correct password. For example, the Marks nad Nukes it has only one Likeness that is ‘S’ at the end of the word. The Sharing of the letter as exact same spot as the correct password will give you the Likeness instead of similar Characters that is the ‘K’ is both the words. To get the Correct Password, you must get the correct letter at teh correct spot.

fallout4-hacking-2.jpg fallout4-hacking-3.jpg

Skills for Hacking

With the Basics if you possess good skills then hacking will be a piece of cake for you. Basic will help you with the Beginners terminal but later as you progress in the game the advanced, expert and master Terminals will be unbreakable. That is why you need perk “Hacker” in the intelligence tab as you reach to level 33. Upgrading the skills will help you avoid Terminals won’t lock after failing all try’s and the same goes with the “Science Bobblehead” which gives you a permanent 5th try to hack any terminal. You can find the Science Bobblehead inside Vault 75(Malden Middle School) and the location is given below.

fallout4-hacking-4.jpg fallout4-hacking-5.jpg

Manipulating the Code

Now that you have obtained the skill and some basic training here we continue to explain how to manipulate the code. If you have noticed the terminal very carefully than you also must have encountered certain special characters and whenever you try to hack these special characters will always rearrange like for example show in the below Image. There are also few special codes which reset the Terminal by either removing one wrong word or resetting the retry. These are the special codes that always start and end with a bracket.






If you try to enter the 3 different words before you go and use the special codes to avoid losing most of your Try’s.

Expert Example

Got to any Terminal and let’s get started with the hacking. For the example given below we have hacked the advanced terminal. The First Word we Enter is the ‘HUNTERS’. Where we saw the Likeness is 1 with the Letter H. So we did our next try with the word ‘HAMMERS’.

fallout4-hacking-7.jpg fallout4-hacking-8.jpg

Where we again landed up with Likeness = 1 and it’s now probably something to do with the ending that is the ‘ERS’. Then we chose the word ‘BATTLES’ where Likeness went to 2. What we understood is the S at the end must be correct. Now that we have wasted our first three tries we started using the Special Codes to reset my Tries along with my Wrong words.

fallout4-hacking-9.jpg fallout4-hacking-10.jpg

With the 4th try, we wanted to try the word that ends with ES and we came up to the word ‘DESIRES’ which was the correct password. This the how you must try to manipulate and again give your best to expert this hacking Trick in Fallout 4.

fallout4-hacking-11.jpg fallout4-hacking-12.jpg