How to harvest something sweet in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Something sweet for the holidays.

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The Missions in Uncharted Space update for Disney Dreamlight Valley brought in a holiday-themed Star Path so you can obtain some holiday furniture and clothing. Just like with Star Paths in the past, you will need to complete Dreamlight Duties to unlock tokens so you can obtain these rewards. One of the duties stands out from the others and it requires you to harvest something sweet so you can get some extra tokens. This guide will show you how to harvest something sweet in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is something sweet in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The holiday Star Path has some great items like festive tables and rugs, ugly sweater motifs, and extra skins for the Dreamlight Valley residents. As normal, you will need to complete special Dreamlight Duties that are specific to the Star Path to get tokens. One of the many duties you have a chance of getting tells you to “Harvest something sweet.” This is a pretty vague duty since there are multiple ‘sweet’ items in the game.

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To complete this duty, you simply need to harvest a bunch of Sugarcane which can be done within an hour of getting the Dreamlight Duty since Sugarcane only takes seven minutes to grow. As per the duty, you will need to harvest 40 Sugarcane. Sugarcane isn’t one of the ingredients that you can get right away, instead, you will need to travel to Dazzle Beach to get it.

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Goofy sells Sugarcane Seeds at his stall on Dazzle Beach. After unlocking his stall, you can find the seeds being sold for five Star Coins each. This means that 40 Sugarcane Seed packets will cost you only 200 Star Coins. This is the only plant that will work for the Dreamlight Duty despite there being other sweet items in the game like Cocoa Beans and Vanilla. Once you have harvested 40 Sugarcane, you will get notified that the Dreamlight Duty is complete.