How to hatch eggs and grow dragons in Century: Age of Ashes

Grow them from babies into nightmares.


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Century: Age of Ashes is a game that’s mainly about riding dragons into battle and killing your enemies with fiery attacks, bombs, and other fire-based offensive measures. However, it’s also about breeding the perfect army of dragons for you to ride or admire. You’ll acquire eggs throughout your time with the game, especially if you buy a Founder’s Pack, but hatching them and growing a dragon is another matter entirely. This guide explains how to grow a dragon from an egg into a machine of flaming death. 

Step 1: Hatch the egg

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You’ll need to visit your Nest when you first get an egg. This is where you can select eggs to nurture from. Next, choose the egg you’d like to hatch and equip it to your Nest. This will give you a list of growth steps on the right-hand side of the screen. Each step is an objective that you can complete in matches. Our first step was to earn 1,000 experience points.

Step 2: Hatch the egg

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Once you’ve completed the objective you were given, you can head back to your Nest and hatch your egg. You’ll see a nice animation of your dragon hatching, but this is only the beginning. Now you’ll need to complete three more objectives to help your dragon grow into something you can ride.

Step 3: Complete more growth steps

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You must complete all growth steps before you can ride your dragon. This means that you’ll need to play at least four rounds of any game mode before a dragon is fully grown. However, rarer dragons can take longer than this, so be prepared to put in some serious work.

It’s worth ensuring that you always have a dragon or egg equipped in your Nest. If you don’t, every match you play is time wasted. If you can make sure that you’re always putting some effort towards growing a new dragon, then you’ll be helping advance your profile and collection massively.