How to have a paranormal encounter in DogLife – Ruh-roh Raggy! Achievement

An extra member of the household.

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As you jump between homes in DogLife, you are going to run into a variety of people and animals that take up that space as well. From employees and owners to other animals, you will have plenty of things to interact with. However, there is a chance that you can be put in a home with a ghost in it. Here is how to have a paranormal encounter in DogLife.

Having a home with a ghost in it is purely based on luck. You could potentially go through dozens of different dogs or homes and not encounter a ghost. When you finally get one, it will appear under the Other Residents section in the Household tab.

Now that RNG has worked with you to get a ghost in your household, you will need to rely on it again to actually allow you to interact with that ghost. If you click on the ghost, you will see how friendly and active it is. Every time you age up your dog, you have a chance to summon that ghost based on how friendly and active that spirit is feeling during that time. The stats do fluctuate as time goes on, but you might as well try and summon it every time you have a chance, regardless of where they stand at that moment.

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In our case, we had a ghost in our house for over three years and only got it to interact with us one time. In that one time, we were given a choice of how to react to it. When we chose to remain calm, the ghost disappeared.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note that if you escape your home or your family moves you will lose access to this ghost and need to encounter a different one in another home or pay to use the time machine to go back to the ghost you already knew.

Obviously, we do not have much to go on with how the ghosts behave as of this writing, but we will update this post with more information when we have it.