How to hit Survivors after Manifesting as the Onryo in Dead by Daylight

They all watched the tape.


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The Onryo may be the most iconic Killer in Dead by Daylight, taken from the Rungu series and left relatively intact regarding powers. However, it seems as though many players think this Killer is too challenging to use. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to hit Survivors after Manifesting as the Onryo so that you can have more successful matches with your new favorite Killer.

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How do you hit Survivors after Manifesting?

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Hitting Survivors after Manifesting is easy once you get your head around the Onryo’s ability. When you start the Trial, you’ll be a physical being. You need to hold the ranged attack button Demanifest, at which point you’ll be in a different dimension. You can now roam the map in search of Survivors. When you find them, hold the ranged attack button to Manifest once more, and then hit the Survivor. If you’re trying to complete a Daily Ritual, this will count towards your goal as a hit on a Survivor after Manifesting.

Survivors are tricky, and they’ll try to escape your clutches in many ways. This means that you’ll probably miss a few hits you wish you’d landed. If that happens, Demanifest while chasing the Survivor, then Manifest again and go for another attack. This will ensure that every successful hit counts towards whatever challenge you’re working on.

This tactic is also perfect for the Onryo because it makes the Killer harder to see. Survivors won’t know which way you’re chasing them, so you’ll be able to quickly Manifest and attack them while they’re looking the wrong way. Chasing Survivors while in the physical form isn’t going to get you as many sacrifices as you’ll earn by making the most of that Manifestation power. You can also teleport, similarly to The Dredge, to any of the active TVs on the map from a Demanifested state, which counts as a Manifestation, but you’ll need to be quick to catch Survivor while doing this.