How to identify equipment in Diablo Immortal

Uncover equipment and grow ever stronger.

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Equipment is the backbone of any build in Diablo Immortal. You won’t get far in the game if you aren’t constantly upgrading your gear to whatever the new best piece you picked up is. During your journey, you may have noticed some gear that stands out amongst the rest. These pieces of equipment feature a large question mark. If you attempt to equip these items, you end up getting a message saying that it needs to be identified. Here is how you identify equipment in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal equipment guide

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Equipment in Diablo Immortal is broken up into different categories. While there are different pieces of equipment for part of the body, these pieces are sorted by rarity, going from common items up to the most powerful, which are legendary. Pieces of equipment are also divided between the different classes in the game, so you will only pick up equipment meant for your character’s class. The only items that drop that require identification are legendary tier items, so it is not something that will come up very often.

How to identify equipment

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The mechanic for identifying equipment has actually been in the Diablo games since the original one. When you see a piece of equipment with a question mark covering it, you will need to take it to an Identifier. These NPCs are found in every safe area. You will most likely return to Westmarch before Identifying items. The Identifier here can be found in the southern part of the city near Rakki’s Plaza. You can spot an Identifier on the map by a scroll icon. This indicates where you can find the nearest Identifier. Other Identifiers can be found in the safe zones of the Shassar Sea and the Dark Wood.