How to increase Muscle in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

It’s always leg day.

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Muscle is one of the several stats you’ll need to maintain as you play through GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. There are several ways to increase it, and these influence the amount of Respect and sex appeal your character has in the game. Here’s what you need to know about improving your Muscle stat and how to do it quickly in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Your character will naturally increase their Muscle gain as they run around the game. You’ll see a small bump every so often while you’re running, alongside your Stamina bar. Probably the best way to work on your character’s Muscle is to head to a Gym. You can find most Gyms indicated by the dumbbell symbol. Walk inside these locations, and select the weights.

The more weight you choose to lift, the harder it will be for your character to lift, depending on their current Muscle stat. We recommend starting with 30 to 40 lbs weight.

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However, there will be a Muscle cap. Once you hit this muscle cap, you’ll receive a notification that you cannot gain any more muscle, and you’ll have to return to the Gym another day to try again.

You have the chance to lose your Muscle over time if you have no fat and your character has not eaten recently. We recommend making sure to take a break every so often and grab something to eat to ensure you don’t lose Muscle. Although, you don’t have to reach the peak amount of Muscle. Reaching this point has diminishing returns.