How to increase your athleticism in BitLife

What makes a true athlete?

Image via Candywriter

If you want your character to turn out to become a star athlete in BitLife, they need to have a high athleticism. It’s a hidden stat that’s partially connected to health, but not entirely. Your character starts out with a hidden athleticism score that you do not directly see, and you can increase it, but it’s mostly about having a decent start to your character’s health and going with it. For players attempting to become professional athletes, athleticism is extremely important to understand, despite being hidden and not widely talked about. 

A good gauge for your character’s athletic score is for them to try out for the basketball team as early as possible. We usually choose to do that when they’re in middle school, and they can apply to join any of the available sports clubs. When your character tries out for the club, you can clearly see their overall health and athleticism score, showing that health is an essential factor, but ultimately, for a promising professional athlete career, you want to be able to keep this indicator high.

If your character doesn’t make the cut, try taking to the gym and participating in various walks. We’ve noticed that this does increase their score, and overtime, it should improve, but not at a quick rate. You can continue to practice, work on your character’s overall health, and have them routinely end up at the gym. But ultimately, to have a higher athleticism score in BitLife, you want your character to be born with it.

The character can be born with it, or you can access the Godmode portion of the game and increase a character’s stats by directly increasing them. This is a paid format, so it might be better to randomly roll the dice for your characters until a decent professional player is born.