How to increase your inventory in Breakwaters

Inventory space is a requirement.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You don’t get much inventory space in Breakwaters. When you start the game, you only get eight spots to place your crafting materials. Anything more, and you won’t be able to pick it up. This quickly becomes a nuisance when you are trying to craft multiple items at once or gather a lot of materials. Here is how you increase your inventory size in Breakwaters.

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Before you can start increasing your inventory space, you first need to build a Builder’s Bench. Gather up eight seagrass and 10 tree branches. You can then craft the Builder’s Bench from the menu. Now that you have access to a wider variety of craftable items, you can start getting your inventory under control.

There are three items that will increase your inventory; the net bag, the cloth bag, and the backpack. These items are located under the equipment section in the Builder’s Bench. You will notice that you can only craft the net bag to start. Once you craft the net bag, the cloth bag will become unlocked. After you craft the cloth bag, you will get access to the backpack.

You need the following materials to craft each item:

  • Net Bag: 15 seagrass and four sticks
  • Cloth Bag: 60 seagrass, 20 sticks, and three crab shells
  • Backpack: once net bag, 40 seagrass, 18 sticks, and 12 unobtainium

Each bag increases your inventory by a certain amount. The net bag will increase your inventory space by six, the cloth bag increases it by 10 and the backpack increases it by 24.