How to increase your inventory space and get a backpack in Stoneshard

You need to make some sacrifices to increase your storage space

You need to manage your inventory space in Stoneshard consistentlyYou may find yourself prioritizing healing items, food, and water far more than you do loot you find in dungeons, and that’s okay. You need to do this because the game’s saving system only lets you do in particular locations, so if you lack any of these, your character will have a rough time, and healing takes a bit of effort, too.

If you’re worried about keeping track of all your items, you can always default to using the chest inside of the inn in Osbrook. You can find it on the second floor of the building inside of the larger room on the far side. When you approach the chest, you can freely place any items you want to keep there not to take up inventory space, but wish to have when you return. It’s good to put anything in there if you think you won’t need it on your current adventure, but don’t want to sell or lose.

You don’t have too many options to expand your inventory space, though out in the world. You do have a chance to locate a backpack, but it’s further on in the game. When you do find it, you have to sacrifice a clothing spot for it, and it carries a small number of items. For those who need the inventory space, it’s well worth the extra space and the sacrifice for a single wearable piece.

You won’t find too many additional items to expand your inventory. A significant feature of the game is keeping your character’s available space limited to make traveling more difficult and to make managing a character’s health, food, water, and vitals a challenge.