How to install RLCraft on PC

Get to dying in Minecraft just a little bit more quickly.

RLCraft is one of the most popular modpacks for Minecraft and arguably the most challenging to play. Thankfully, while the pack itself is tough to play with, installing it is relatively simple. Here are two ways to install RLCraft on PC.


This is probably the easiest way to download the most popular mod packs and is what we recommend doing if you are new to modding Minecraft. Start by downloading the Twitch desktop app from the main website and installing it. Once the app is installed, start it and login or create a Twitch account if you haven’t already.

Screengrab via Twitch

After you have the app up and running, click on the “Mods” tab at the top of the screen. This will take you to a list of games that can be modded using the app. Click on Minecraft and then choose the “Browse Modpacks” option. This will take you to a search page that will let you browse through the most popular modpacks available for the game. Find RLCraft and click on it to bring up the install page.

Click on the purple “Install” button in the top right corner of the RLCraft page, and the app will install it for you. The installation will take a few minutes, but once it is completed, you can navigate back to the “My Modpacks” tab. You will see that RLCraft has been installed and has a big purple “Play” button underneath it. Click “Play” to open up a Minecraft launcher window and start the game as normal.


If you want to forgo using Twitch and install RLCraft manually, there are a few extra hoops you will need to jump through. First, you will need to download Forge and the RLCraft files.

Screengrab via Forge

Forge can be downloaded from RLCraft runs on the latest version of Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2. You can download it yourself or use the forge.jar that comes with the modpack already. We recommend downloading the latest installer from the website regardless as it can be used with just about any pack that uses 1.12.2.

The installer is easy to use. Double click on the forge.jar that you just downloaded, and it will open a new dialogue box. It should automatically have the .minecraft folder selected by default. Ensure you have the “Install client” box ticked and hit “ok” to finish the installation. The installer will take a few minutes to get all of the appropriate files installed to the Minecraft root directory. Once the installer is complete, you can delete it.

Forge should have automatically installed a new Minecraft profile. Go ahead and check to make sure it is installed correctly. Start the Minecraft launcher, select the new Forge profile from the version menu on the bottom left, and start the game. If you didn’t receive any errors and start a new world with no problems, Forge was installed correctly.

Screnngrab via Curse Forge

With Forge installed and working, you can now install the RLCraft pack. The pack can be downloaded from CurseForge; you will need to use the 1.12.2 server pack. The files should come in a .zip folder. Once you have the pack downloaded, extract the files into the root Minecraft directory. The root directory is found in C:/…/AppData/Roaming and is called .minecraft. We recommend starting with an empty mod folder or placing any previously installed mods into a backup folder before installing RLCraft.

Due to the folder’s size and the number of mods in the pack, it may take a few minutes for everything to be extracted. Once everything is dropped into the root directory, though, you can play RLCraft as normal. Just open up a new Minecraft Launcher, select the Forge 1.12.2 profile, and start the game.