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How to install RLCraft for Minecraft on PC

Experience Minecraft in a whole new way!

While Minecraft Survival Mode does have its challenging moments, fans looking to take their gameplay’s difficulty to the next level should consider installing and experiencing RLCraft. Created by community member Shivaxi, RLCraft is not a single mod but a compiled Modpack containing over a hundred modification files that completely overhaul the Minecraft experience. While the blocky, pixel-style visuals are roughly the same, this Modpack introduces brand-new realism mechanics, block types, otherwordly creatures, and much more to Minecraft. If such novel concepts interest you, continue reading to learn how RLCraft can be downloaded, installed, and launched within an easy-to-follow, five-minute procedure. 

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Installing RLCraft for Minecraft on PC in 2023

Installing CurseForge and RLCraft for Minecraft on PC
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Getting RLCraft set up for Minecraft on PC can be accomplished via the following three simple steps:

  1. Download and install CurseForge.
  2. Find and install RLCraft.
  3. Log into Minecraft and launch the RLCraft Modpack.

While this step-by-step procedure is undoubtedly straightforward, we will ensure that you fully understand how everything works by providing essential details for each stage of the installation process. 

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How to download and install CurseForge

First, type “CurseForge” in Google and select “Download,” which should be the third search result below “Minecraft mods.” This action will open the download page for the CurseForge application for PC. If this is your first time installing third-party software to mod a game, you do not need to worry, as the program is entirely safe. We have verified no malware is present in the app using our Kaspersky Antivirus. 

How to install RLCraft on CurseForge

After downloading and installing CurseForge, launch the program and select the shaded profile for Minecraft. The reason the game is grayed out is that you need to set up CurseForge’s modding folder for the game. Choose the “Recommended Standard” installation option and continue. Once this is done, select “Browse Modpacks” in Minecraft and input “RLCraft” in the search bar. Install the top result by Shivaxi and wait until all the files have been downloaded. 

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How to play RLCraft on Minecraft

Launching RLCraft for Minecraft on PC
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After all the files for RLCraft’s Modpack have been validated, the “Install” button in CurseForge will now have changed to “Play.” Pressing “Play” will cause your Minecraft Launcher to open automatically. However, you will need to sign into your Microsoft/Mojang account again in order to proceed. After logging in, you might notice the dropdown menu beside the green “Play” button will display “RLCraft.” You can select this dropdown menu at any time to play the default Java version of the game. After pressing “Play,” RLCraft for Minecraft on PC will launch, and a whole new world will be awaiting you in-game. 

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