How to investigate the courtyard far down the corridor in Genshin Impact

Let the investigations begin.

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Players taking on the Silent Seeker of Knowledge quest in Genshin Impact will be tasked with investigating the courtyard far down the corridor. The quest requires players to solve an intricate puzzle to progress, which many might struggle with, no matter if they are a beginner or an expert. If you are in a similar situation and unable to investigate the courtyard far down the corridor, refer to the guide below.

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Investigating the courtyard far down the corridor

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The quest will start with Tighnari sending you to check upon Haypasia after the former receives an urgent note from Haypasia. You’ll be led to Haypasia’s meditation spot, which is what you need to explore. When you arrive at the designated location, you will see a flashing light where you need to stand. Once you stand on the point with a flashing light, you’ll see two rocks with a pattern. To solve the puzzle, you simply need to view these patterns on each rock in such a way that they form one symbol. Although this is a pretty straightforward task and doesn’t require manual work, it would be hard to decipher the puzzle on your own since you don’t get any instructions or clues beforehand.

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It’s worth noting you cannot interact with light, and nothing will happen until you solve the puzzle ahead. After you match the patterns on both rocks, the screen will blur, and the giant Yellow door on your left will open. Walk out of the door, and you’ll reach a dead end with a platform. Simply stand on the platform, which will take you outside the domain, finishing the task.