How to join the Mean Girls clique in BitLife

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For those looking to become popular in school, you want to join the Mean Girls clique while attending school in BitLife. It’s the only way to survive some of the toughest times you’ll have to endure as a young adult. When you’re a female, you need to be with some of the most popular girls around, and joining the Mean Girls clique is probably the best way to do that. If you’re looking to complete the Mean Girls Challenge, this is one of the steps to do it, and it can be a little difficult.

Make sure you’re a female when attempting to complete this task.

The big focus for the Mean Girls clique is increasing your popularity with the other kids and at school. You can see how popular you are at school when you’re attending elementary, middle school, and high school. Click on the school tab on the left side of your screen, and you’ll be able to see how popular your character is with the other kids.

You want first to increase your popularity. You can do this by joining a club, such as a basketball team, baseball team, diving team, or any more popular clubs—a sure-fire way to join the cheerleading team, which requires high looks and health on your character. These are the more popular clubs, but becoming a high ranking member is a good way, which means excelling in that club.

After reaching close to 80 to 90% popularity in school, you’ll want to try and join the Mean Girls clique. You can do this when you enter middle school, so don’t worry about it in elementary. There will be a cliques category, and when you click on the Mean Girls choice, you’ll see how popular they are. You want to see if your popularity is at that level or higher. If your popularity is high enough, the Mean Girls clique will let you in.

The primary task is to join any of the extracurricular activities your schools offer, and becoming the popular kid. It doesn’t hurt to increase your relationship with the other students, and not interacting with the teachers, but that can be pretty time consuming. To join the Mean Girls club, your character does need to have high looks and health, so make sure your character is doing well there or you’ll have a tough time completing this task.