BitLife: How to Complete The Mean Girls Challenge

The Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife is here, and there are several tasks you need to do to complete with your character.

Image via Candywriters

The weekend has arrived, and the latest BitLife challenge has dropped for players to complete within a few days. This time around, you’ll be completing the Mean Girls challenge, so it’s time to wear pink and bring your best friends along for the ride.

Similar to the other challenges in BitLife, there are going to be numerous tasks you’ll need to complete. For those who doing it outside of the weekend, time is much more in your favor. Here are all of the requirements to complete the Mean Girls Challenge.

Every Mean Girls Challenge Task & How to Complete Them in BitLife

Image via Candywriters

Many of these requirements are pretty straightforward, with the first requirement being that your character has to be a female to complete the challenge. Because of the way these requirements are structured, we recommend you keep your character young and go through school as much as possible, as most of these have to do with your classmates, and that’s the best time to make friends, who will become enemies, for the rest of your life.

The following requirement is to join the Mean Girls clique. You can do this when you become popular enough in school, so you have to increase your popularity with your classmates and become friends with them. Once your popularity rises sufficiently, you’ll be able to join the Mean Girls clique by being able to hang out with them in school or by talking to the leader.

The next task is to start rumors about 10 or more friends. Before doing this, you’ll want to make sure you have at least 10 friends, and you can make that happen by reaching out to people at school, complimenting them, and spending them with them when you increase your relationship with them. Increase this enough, and you’ll be able to become friends. After that, you have to try and have a random event occur to choose to start a rumor about a friend. Because it’s random, you have to be a bit lucky to have it happen.

Once you’ve earned those 10 friends, the next step is to turn them into enemies. You can do this pretty quickly by insulting them, making fun of them to other characters, spending time with their spouses, and causing their partners to even cheat on them, which can happen in a random event if you’re good enough friends. After doing enough negative things to them, your friends will become enemies.

The final task is to insult 10 classmates. You’ll want to do this after you’ve joined the Mean Girls clique and become popular with everyone in school. It’s pretty simple to insult any of your classmates. Go to the school tab on your menu, pick out any of your classmates, and in the interactions menu, you’ll be able to choose to insult them.

With all of that completed, you’ll be able to earn your next accessory, and you’ll have finished the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife.