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How to land successful Dash attacks as The Pig in Dead by Daylight

Force them to play your game.

The Pig is a brutal Killer to master in Dead by Daylight. She has some truly devious ways of harming and killing Survivors, one of which is her Dash attack. However, it’s not simple to use, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you land more successful Dash attacks and down those Survivors quickly.

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How to land a successful Dash attack as The Pig

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To use The Pig’s Dash attack, you need to crouch and move around the map until you see a Survivor. While crouched, you’re much slower and can still be easily detected, but if you use this attack in the right way, you should land the Dash attack. You’ll need to charge the Ambush attack before you use it, but it’ll automatically trigger once fully charged, similar to The Hillbilly’s chainsaw attack. With this in mind, only charge the attack when you can see a Survivor somewhere ahead of you.

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The Dash attack is fast and sees The Pig rush forward for roughly four seconds before slashing with her weapon. However, if you close in on a Survivor, she’ll slash and injure them earlier. You can control the direction of this attack, so you can use it around corners if you know a Survivor is working on a generator or healing somewhere nearby. The key to using this attack is to wait for ballsy Survivors who think they can outrun you or want to unhook their allies.

We found the most success when using The Pig’s Dash attack on a Survivor that was either repairing a generator or unhooking. The beauty of unhooking is that it gives you a guaranteed time frame to work with. Just wait for the Survivor to begin the unhooking, charge the attack, and you should hit at least one of the Survivors before they run off. If you’re using the Dash attack to complete a Daily Ritual or Tome challenge, you only need to land the attacks. You don’t need to down a Survivor unless specified, so hitting them is enough. Then, you can use reverse beartraps and regular attacks to finish the Survivors off.

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