How to hit Survivors with the chainsaw as The Hillbilly in Dead by Daylight

Saw them in half.


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The Hillbilly is one of the original Killers in Dead by Daylight that still gets a lot of use today. It has a powerful club to hit Survivors with as well as a chainsaw attack, but that chainsaw is difficult to use. This guide explains how to hit Survivors with the chainsaw when playing as The Hillbilly so you can get some easy kills.

How to use The Hillbilly’s chainsaw

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The chainsaw is The Hillbilly’s secondary attack, similar to The Huntress’ hatchet. It’s a ranged attack that propels the Killer forward for a few meters, downing any Survivors in his path as he moves. However, it’s difficult to pull off because you have to charge the chainsaw up for roughly five seconds before using it. With this in mind, it’s better to keep tapping the secondary weapon button to maintain a small level of charge on the chainsaw, holding it down when you’ve got a target in sight.

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If you’re chasing a Survivor and want to hit them with the chainsaw, you can do a couple of things to increase your chances. First, don’t charge the chainsaw if the Survivor is too far away. You’ll likely miss them because they still have space to dodge. Wait until you’ve got a Survivor hemmed into a narrow corridor, then you can use the chainsaw for dashing ahead and they can’t escape.

Chainsaw Survivors around pallets

Another good method for hitting survivors with the chainsaw is waiting for a Survivor to lure you towards a pallet. Most players don’t realize that the chainsaw attack isn’t affected by a pallet drop, so if a Survivor is teasing you and trying to get you to run at them so they can drop the pallet, use the chainsaw attack to give them a nasty shock.

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Finally, a great trick to use on Survivors is to wait for them to unhook other Survivors. When they do, their guard is down, and you’ll have two potential victims at the bottom of the hook. Charge the chainsaw as the unhooking is occurring and you’re guaranteed to rush forward and hit at least one of them. The chainsaw instantly downs a Survivor, so you can hook them back up once you’re done.