How to upgrade the Jet Pack in Elex II

Get a boost from these upgrades.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the most unique features of Elex II is the Jet Pack, a small booster strapped to Jax’s back that allows him to boost to higher elevations — for a limited time, at least. While the base version is only really useful for traversing terrain, you can upgrade the Jet Pack to allow for combat options, faster travel, and longer sustainability. Here’s how to upgrade the Jet Pack in Elex II.

First, upgrading the Jet Pack requires ability points earned from leveling up. Next, you will require an appropriate Intelligence level to make the modifications, a mountain of Elexit to pay the upgrade cost, and if you’re upgrading the Fuel Capacity, additional Fuel Canisters, which can be located throughout the game world. Finally, you will need to track down a Jet Pack Bench. These can be found in major settlements, but the easiest would be in the building right across from the Bastion teleporter, in the master bedroom.

Some upgrades available for the Jet Pack include Floating (which lets you hover and use weaponry,) Sprint Boosters (which boost you horizontally instead of vertically,) Maneuvering Boosters (which allow you to move sideways in mid-air,) and Retrorockets, which save you from fatal damage should you run out of fuel and come crashing down to the ground. The Jet Pack is an important tool in Elex II, so upgrading it whenever possible is recommended.